Department of Forest Resource Management

Department of Forest Resource Management (Earlier Department of Natural Resource Management)

Description of the Department:

  • The Department of Natural Resource Management was established in the year 2009. 
  • During this period M.Sc. (Forestry) in Forest Watershed Management was started with the recommendation of 4th Dean’s Committee.
  •  Later, in the year 2015-16, the M.Sc. (Forestry) in NRM was started with the approval of UAS Dharwad.
  • During 2017-18, approval was obtained by the university to start the Ph.D. programme in NRM and the first batch of students were admitted during 2018-19. 
  • During 2022-23, nomenclature approval was obtained by the university to rename NRM to FRM department and subsequently, course numbers were also renamed.

PG Programmes in the Department

 1M.Sc.ForestrySince – 2009-10
 2Ph.DSince – 2017-18

Students admitted in last five years

Sl. No.Course No.2018-192019-202020-212021-222022-23


Designation:Professor and Head (Forest Resource Management)
Employee No:10180
Tel/Mobile No:9980406805
  Specialisation:Soil science
Dr. G. V. Dasar
M.Sc. (Agri), Ph.D
Area of interest  :Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Soil Fertility, Forest Soils and Nutrient Management, Problematic soils and Wasteland Management, Saline Waters,  Irrigation Water  Management.
Superannuation:May 2027
Designation:Professor (Forest Engineering)
Employee No:010174
Tel/Mobile No:9620761062
  Specialisation:Forest Engineering
M.Sc. (Agri), Ph.D
Area of interest  :Forest Survey, Remote sensing, Forest Engineering, Soil and Water conservation, Hydrology and watershed management
Superannuation:June 2026
 Designation:Assistant Professor (Forest Resource Management)
Employee No:013389
Tel/Mobile No:9844823671
  Specialisation:Silviculture and Agroforestry
Dr. Girish B. Shahapurmath
M.Sc. (Forestry) Ph.D
Area of interest  :Forest Management, Remote sensing, Agroforestry, Silviculture and Forest policy
Superannuation:July 2037
 Designation:Assistant Professor (Contractual)
Tel/Mobile No:9481606254
Dr. Akshay F Madiwalar M.Sc. (Forestry), Ph.DArea of interest  :Forest management, Agroforestry, Silviculture, Environment and ecology, Industrial agroforestry, Ecosystem services evaluation

Supporting Staff:

Sl NoNameDesignation
1Smt.Suma MalaliMessenger
2Smt.Renuka BairanannavarGroup D Employee

B.Sc. Forestry (Hons.) Courses:

Sl. No.Course No.Course TitleCredits
Semester I
1FRM 101Geology and Soils3 (2+1)
Semester II
2FRM 102Rural Sociology and Constitution of India2 (2+0)
Semester III
3FRM 202Forest Management3 (2+1)
Semester IV
4FRM 201Forest Survey and Engineering3 (2+1)
5FRM 203Forest Soils  and Fertility2 (1+1)
6FRM 204Forest Tribology1 (1+0)
Semester V
7FRM 302Entrepreneurship Development and Business Management2 (1+1)
8FRM 303Forest Economics and Marketing2 (1+1)
9FRM 305Forest Hydrology and Watershed Management3 (2+1)
Semester VI
10FRM 304Geomatics2 (1+1)
11FRM 301Forest Extension and Community Forestry3 (2+1)
Semester VIII
12FRM 306Forest Laws, Legislation and Policies2 (2+0)

Experiential Learning Modules offered

Sl. No.Course No.Course TitleCredits

M.Sc. Forestry Courses

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hrs.
I. Major courses: 20 credits
FRM 501*Forest Biometry and Management2+1
FRM 502Ecology and Management of Forest Soils2+1
FRM 503*Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System in Natural Resource Management2+1
FRM 504Land Use Planning and Watershed Management2+1
FRM 505*Forest Resource Economics1+1
FRM 506*Forest Ecosystem Services and Valuation2+1
FRM 507Environmental Impact Assessment and Auditing1+1
FRM 508*Forest Policy, Law and International Conventions2+0
FRM 509Global Climate Change Impact, Mitigation and Adaptation2+0
FRM 510*Participatory Approach in Forest Resource Management1+1
FRM 511Management of Tree Insect-Pests and Diseases2+1
FRM 512Forest Ecology, Biodiversity and Management2+1
II. Supporting Courses: 06 credits
FOR 511*General Statistical Methods and Computer Applications2+1
 Any other course relevant to M.Sc. research problem3
III. Minor courses: 08 credits (One course may be selected from the Major course of the Department)
 Courses from Silviculture and Agroforestry or Forest Biology and Tree Improvement or Forest Products and Utilization08
IV. Common Courses: 05 credits
V. Comprehensive Examination: 02 credits: FRM 595
VI. Seminar: 02 credits: FRM 591
VII. Research: 27 credits: FRM 599

Ph.D. Courses

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hrs.
I. Major courses: 12 credits
FRM 601*Forest Management2+1
FRM 602Forest Economic Analysis2+1
FRM 603Climate Change and Forestry1+1
FRM 604Geo-informatics in Natural Resource Management2+1
FRM 605*Environment Impact Analysis and Assessment2+1
FRM 606Forest Soil Management2+1
FRM 607Environmental Modelling and Biostatistics2+0
FRM 608Approaches in Forest Resource Management1+1
FRM 609Forest Hydrology and Watershed Management2+1
FRM 610Operational Research in Forest Management1+1
II. Supporting Courses: 05 credits
FOR 610*Research Methodology in Forestry2+1
FOR 611Research and Publication Ethics1+1
FRM 691*Doctoral Seminar1+0
FRM 692*Doctoral Seminar1+0
III. Minor courses: 06 credits
 Courses from Silviculture and Agroforestry or Forest Biology and Tree Improvement or Forest Products and Utilization06
IV. Common course: Nil
V. Comprehensive Examination: 03 credits: FRM 695
VI. Seminar: 02 credits: FRM 691
VII. Teaching Assistantship: FRM 1 (0+1)                                                  
VII. Research: 70/72 :  FRM 699 (15-18 credits/Semester)

Major Projects completed (Last five years):

Name of the funding AgencyTitle of the ProjectWorked AsPeriod  Grants (Rs).
DST, New DelhiEstimation of carbon sequestration in remotely sensed forest soils of Uttara Kannada districtPI2011-201540.96 lakh
ISRO AhmedabadForest classification and biophysical parameter retrieval using multi-frequency PolSAR techniques PI2017-202123.77 lakh
ISRO, AhmedabadEstablishment of long term one  hectare inventory plots and biomass estimation from LiDAR in Yellapur division of Uttar  Kannada districtPI2021-202310.00 lakh

PI –Dr. A G Koppad

Staff Research Project : Funded from University

Sl. NoTitle of the ProjectPIFunding AgencyPeriodOutlay (Rs.)
 1Identification of habitual suitability mapping of  teak forest production in Mundgod & Yellapur taluk of U.K. districtPIUAS, Dharwad2015-163.1 lakhs
 2Effect of perennial dams on productivity & carbon sequestration of different forest type of U.K. districtPIUAS, Dharwad2016-170.45 lakhs
 3Assessment of forest depletion by land use land cover mapping and carbon sequestration in Mundgod Taluka using Remote Sensing and GIS techniquesPIUAS, Dharwad2017-182.00 laks
 4Assessment and mapping of degradation and deforestation in dry and moist deciduous forests in UK districtPIUAS, Dharwad2018-191.50 lakhs
PI – Dr. A G Koppad

Technologies Developed: (Last Five Years)

Sl. No.TechnologyName of the Scientist


Dr. G. V. Dasar, Professor and Head (FRM)
Sl.NoName of the AwardAgency AwardingYear
 1Outstanding Achievement Award – In the Field of Soil Science and Agriculture chemistry and Water ManagementGenesis Urban and Rural Development Society, Telangana. Professional Society2016
 2Best oral presentation award – Research paper on ” Effect of Irrigation and INM levels on growth and yield of Bt-Cotton in a vertisol”.National Conference on Emerging Challenges and Opportunities in Agriculture, Social, Plant, Environment, Co-operatives and Technology (ECOASPECT) IIRR, Hyderabad during September 10 to 11,20162016
  Dr. A G Koppad Professor (For. Eng)
Sl.NoName of the AwardsAwarded byYear
 1Selected for incentive award for Adhoch ProjectUAS, Dharwad2014
 2Best Poster Award for Assessment of Fuel Wood supply from different Watersheds through GIS Approach in PG Conference held at UAS Dharwad on 12-13 June, 2017UAS, Dharwad2017  
 3Best Poster Award for Assessment of Supply and Demand of Fuel wood in different Micro Watersheds of Sirsi Taluk in National seminar on ARSGISSEM on 15-16 Sept, 2017 at UAS, DharwadUAS, Dharwad2017
 4Best Poster award for Land use land cover classification and soil carbon sequestration in Yellapur taluk of Uttar Kannad district using remote sensing and GIS technique” in National Conference on SMARTAGRI-2018 held at UAS, Dharwad on  23-24th Jan 2018UAS, Dharwad2018
 5Best Poster Award in Post Graduate Research Conference-2018UAS, Dharwad22-23 May, 2018.
 6Incentive Award for  Adhoc ProjectUAS, Dharwad1st Oct, 2019
  Dr. Girish B. Shahapurmath Assistant Professor (FRM)  
Sl.NONameAgency AwardingYear
Best Ph.D. Thesis AwardISAHRD, Chandigarh and JUST AGRICULTURE Education Group2023
 2Best Poster PresentationTropical Forest Research Institue, Jabalpur2023
 3Distinguished Scientist AwardAgricultural and Environmental Technology Development Society (AETDS), Nainital, Uttarakhand, India2019
 4Outstanding Scientist AwardThe Society of Tropical Agriculture, New Delhi, India2018
 5Best Teacher AwardSociety for Upliftment of Rural Economy (SURE), Varanasi, India2016
 6First Prize for Best Poster presentation“National Kaanoonu Utsava” Exhibition by Karnataka High Court, Bengaluru.2014
 7First prize for Best Poster PresentationNational Research Centre for Agroforestry, Jhansi (UP)2008
  Dr. Akshay F Madiwalar (Forestry)
Sl.NoName of the AwardsAwarded byYear
Young Scientist Award (2023)Green-planet Agrotech Foundation2023  
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